People for Bikes: Tie celebrates Bike To Work Week

Advertising Agency: Colle+McVoy, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mike Caguin
Associate Creative Director: Brian Ritchie
Senior Interactive Designer: Zara Gonzalez Hoang
Senior Writer: Joel Stacy
Senior Art Director: Derek Till
Junior Art Director: Fabien Dodard
Senior Designer: Joe Monnens


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This is easily the best of the 3. But it's still just okay. ...these don't get to the BENEFIT of biking to work. They merely show the INSTANCE of it.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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True, but they show the instance of biking to work in a very polished way that speaks to a lot of careful (expensive) thought on someone's part, and that in itself celebrates riding, which is important -- it's easy to feel oppressed or downtrodden while laboring precariously on the shoulder of the road. These seem targeted at people who bike to work already, people who see it as a mark of pride to have a chainring mark on their right calf and who quietly fantasize about a parking garage full of bikes. Biking to work can be hard; these print ads will keep you on your bike even if you've gotten honked at or flipped off that morning. It's a campaign to shore up the "consumer" base, not expand it.

On the other hand, I think the video does a very good job of putting across benefits in a compelling way.

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Marlus Lau
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Agree. Also, the logo is by far the best art in this ad. I'm sorry, but this photograph and photoshop is quite bad. Is too strong, I dont know, it´s not natural. The idea has nothing new, but it's ok.

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No comment.

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so what ad

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i agree the connection shown between biking and work is good


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That blur on the tie is disturbing

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cheap look and no idea, it just demonstrate headline/msg.

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The only one in the campaign that gave me a good feeling

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molt bona campanya, però les peces individuals no funcionen tant bé.

Pau Marquès
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This is absolutely nothing. Zero fantasy.

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Ed Rapport
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Al Sharpton.. I agree. what is the benefit of biking here? I just see a guy biking to work, thats about it...

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