People are Fragile / City of Vancouver: Pedestrian

People are fragile
Always cross at intersections

Advertising Agency: Hot Tomali, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Thomas Stringham
Art Director: Scott Maddox
Copywriter: Scott Maddox
Graphic Designer: Davinder Deo
Client Team Directors: Alex Russell, Mairi Welman
Graphic Designer: Wells Stringham
Agency Producer: Juliana Hendriks
Producer: Sean Frith
Production Company: The Orange Apple
Graphic Designers: Davinder Deo, Wells Stringham
Photographer: Philip Jarmain
Retoucher: Paul Lang
Account Manager: Kyle Stewart

March 2012


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so this is how canada looks, lots of fragile people that are not caring for intersection crossing... what a crazy world...
and photo retouching isnt at its best, black is very strong.

| Everartz |

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Ramat Ajala
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I reckon the word 'you' or 'your' brings people's minds to themselves more readily than does the word 'people'. With 'people' there's a jump the mind has to make before it gets to him/herself.

So for ads promoting safety of pedestrians:

The phrase "People are fragile" sounds like it might work as an appeal to drivers, maybe less so to pedestrians.

Drivers need to look out for pedestrians = 'them' 'those people out there'.

Pedestrians need to look out for themselves - so I'd be looking for a phrase with 'you' or 'your' in it for the attention of pedestrians.

...but in saying that I might not be properly taking into account overall usage needs of the tagline. So maybe you have it best as it is.

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Totally with your reasoning on this: if it's an appeal to Me as a pedestrian, I'd rather be talked *to* than *about* -- no third-person speech is going to engage me - when I read the copy, I immediately launch into the mind of the driver, and feel ignored as a pedestrian, the supposed subject of the piece.

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dean viii
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oh, please.

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a no on the figures.

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not so good

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None of the 'people' here look Real, never mind Fragile.
None of the ads here are talking To the People, they're reinforcing the thoughts of the drivers about careless crossers and jaywalkers.
None of the ads engage the supposed subject of all of the ads.
None of the ads effectively show what is meant by 'fragile'.

None of the ads work.

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dean viii
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Well argued.

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dean viii
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Forget what the others are saying here. It's the most idiotic thinking I've ever heard. The real problems are 1) you're not telling me anything new, 2) The contrast of the figure doesn't match the photo. I do think the contrast of the photo is right – it looks more real by being average.

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DONE many many times

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if you're going for fragile, go for something more apparent, go for glass people, ice people.
these china figures just doesn't stand out.
i've personally done this already, so no no for me

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