john doe's picture
john doe
1571 pencils

hilarious. i love it!

Vicomte's picture
287 pencils

Fucking good and funny!!!

imtri's picture
15 pencils

don't get me wrong but the bkground is in vietnam guys!

yeh, i like the idea much!

everartz's picture
7611 pencils

HAHA! cool...i like it!

| Everartz |

ogilvyandmenon's picture
178 pencils

lol.. nice

johnson's picture
45 pencils

ha ha ha..

8718's picture
86 pencils

Done. By Naga DDB Malaysia.

john doe's picture
john doe
1571 pencils

prove it or leave it

wildbore's picture
749 pencils

simple n effective!

vipin's picture
148 pencils

very nice, just very nice

Me is vipin

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3045 pencils

I love it, but shouldn't the motorcyclist and the black car move just a tiny bit?

funky_frogii's picture
2536 pencils

cooooooool one ..good

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Ravages's picture
842 pencils

Except for a slight paunch on Clark Kent, this is a terribly good ad. Man!

soulbearer's picture
212 pencils

Above all....good insight

LimitedTimeOffer's picture
200 pencils

Whilst I agree the creative execution is super, what is this "insight" you speak of? The ad explains the fast capture ability of the product, but as far as I can see there's no interesting insight into the target here.

simon.gross's picture
541 pencils

Surely the insight is that you can now capture things you would otherwise miss - certain to resonate with any photographer.

JAGGY's picture
1382 pencils

TBWA Rocks!

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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164 pencils

simple and effective ad

rosss's picture
146 pencils


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1093 pencils

Maybe the bike should be moving a bit in every frame... but that is just a detail.

Awesome work.

chikirom's picture
133 pencils

ja ja ja...so nice!

Cooxie's picture
124 pencils

Great concept, and funny. But if I was Superman, what's the point going inside a booth made of glass to change? If I can't do it in a hidden place, I'd rather do it in the middle of the street, I'd have more space to remove my clothes! :)

Bibhuti's picture
30 pencils

Valid point Cooxie. But it's so funny that people will ignore that little fact.


sloppy4's picture
1494 pencils

why not wonder woman? i always wanted to catch her mid spin. maybe it's a linda carter thing i had going.

puppiepoppy's picture
1634 pencils

Between the 4th & 5th frame, they should feature the Superman with his hand in the underwear adjusting his dick, hahaha.

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Dick Huges
939 pencils

Do you all work at TBWA? This ad is really bad. The art direction is terrible, and the idea is weak. I'm pretty sure tbwa did a team effort to come here and do positive comments on this ad. It looks like student work. I No offense to students.

Bundy Agency's picture
Bundy Agency
597 pencils

Huges your a dick,
In what way is the art terrible, is it the white space, have you seen the " 8 frames in a row" execution done better, you dont like the logo use. back up your comments if your going to have a go at it.

NITROXROX's picture
130 pencils

You must be an american. Small minded, insecure, talentless need I say more.

sloppy4's picture
1494 pencils

i'm a yank. and i liked it.

NITROXROX's picture
130 pencils

In that case my apologies. Guess every country has an asshole.

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2007 pencils

We've all seen allot of bad professional work, so students shouldn't always be the fall back excuse if an idea doesn't look polished, or developed.deeper. Plus this idea kicks ars.

Kick rocks Dick.

Blissful's picture
142 pencils

Yes we all work at TBWA, you caught us, we actually had a meeting this morning and MR TBWA himself told us all to go to ads of the world and praise this ad.

-Nice ad by the way

krautland's picture
3220 pencils

simple way to demonstrate the benefit. winner. now turn it into a campaign.

sold's picture
3244 pencils

i see the campaign:
- a old woman posing to photo smiling, she laugh so muth that her set of teeth pull of!
- a boy and a dog posing, the boy hold an ice-cream, smiling... POW, dog eat the ice-cream, last pic: boy crying.
- some old-fashion guy posing with 3 young women close to her convertible car, a bus pass very fast and, POW, the wig go away.
- a fat family sit on a park bench posing for a pic, POW, bench is on the ground, and family too.
- some guy posing to show how good body he have, but the 8 pics take he shrinking the belly.

well, there are many other possibilities, even better than my examples, i think.

i like this aproach and concept a lot, congrats to the team!

1838 pencils

They're good moments but generic, to run with this in a campaign, you could use other more iconic imagery. A few ideas are; the bone toss in 2001 A space odyssey, the ali/liston knockout, the moonlanding first step, Janet Jackson's tit popping out etc.

Saying 'done' without saying where, has been done to death.

We're going to need more lube.

DarkSide's picture
1068 pencils

I like it.

craftsman's picture
67 pencils

Great concept!
Unfortunately, this Pentax model produces only 3 images per second in the shooting mode...
Still love the ad though.

TexasH's picture
365 pencils

Or 21 with the high-speed advance mode... :)
Love the ad too, btw.

mimi_g's picture
56 pencils


nkad007's picture
96 pencils

good one...

Gina C.'s picture
Gina C.
14 pencils

Great one..Can't stop laughin'

Fatty3's picture
37 pencils

probably the best ad I've seen on this site so far...

dusit phongkraphan's picture
dusit phongkraphan
9 pencils

I'm OTTO (Photographer) R u remember me? This ad so..cool!..man. Mr.Banana (Producer) and our team in Professional Image Vietnam would like to say Hello and Congratulation.!
Hope we will working with you in the future...Cheer!!!
Mr. Dusit Phongkraphan (OTTO)


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