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another puzzle device. it's trying to be deep, but it's just a cheap gimmick

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fun for passing the time. not compelling me to donate though.

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No fixed abode
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Don't you get it Michelle? It's not about that. It's about doing something that's never been done before. Like doing an ad for Kleenex with a bit of used loo paper as a magazine insert. (patent pending) The readers will all get campylo bactor (sic) and I'll get the press Grand Prix.

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well aren't you the intrigue. 30 weeks on AOTW and i've yet to see you out and about. i'm not familiar with your tone yet, are you being facetious or are you being for real? you were close with your spelling it's Campylobacter.

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lazy art direction here...the letters are in a repeating pattern...

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No fixed abode
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I actually just changed my name from anto81 as my vitriol was too easily recognisable. (note the spelling says I'm not from the US) Plus I like my new name. And yeah, I was being facetious.

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excellent. i like you already, i can feel the crush building.

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SFX: Knock Knock.
VO: Room service!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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me thinks
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I like the copy.

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The art direction looks a little too similar to Saatchi NY's Stuffit campaign. Perhaps that was the "inspiration."

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I like...

Atleast the hungry children in this country get to go to school.
In most countries (like where I am) school is a luxury for hungry children.

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