Penguin: Man


Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Adrian Miller
Art Directors: Karen Wong, Richard Copping
Photographer: Lim Sok Lin
Retoucher: Simon Ong
Copywriter: Ramanjit Singh Gulati

July 2009


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953 pencils

Loved the ad. Love Steinbeck too.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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I love the art and idea, however you CAN put your hands down....

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I love the art and the idea --

However you CAN put your hands down. Copy needs to be rethought. something more like “a part of you” or something

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Yes, I agree with you, the art is great the idea is there but the copy brings it all down a bit.
But over all, I like it. I would stop and look at it on the street.

Annya Uslontseva ¦ Seattle Graphic Designer ¦

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The line, or word kinda kills the idea..

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i like the idea too! this series of ad may cause a viral effect on its audience with the both-hands sign. (:
and yeshh, i agree that the line is a bad job done. something else?

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Didn't know Penguin Books have an office in Malaysia. By the way where can I view this posters? Enough of your rubbish Miller. Malaysia is sick of your scams.

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