Penguin: Change Direction, 5

A book can change the story of your life.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Beijing, China
Executive Creative Director: Nils Andersson
Creative Directors: Ronnie Wu, Donghai Liu
Art Directors: Candy Wang, Ronnie Wu, Jianjun Geng, Nils Andersson
Copywriters: Gao Han, Donghai Liu, Nils Andersson
Account Service: Charles Sampson
Designer: Bruce Xie
Illustrator: Dushan Milic

April 2013


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pretty confusing as to what it's saying

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Read one book and you can become great. Do not read book and you go to jail or die early...

certaintly's picture
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i really really dont think that's what theyre trying to say.

dont read a book and you go to jail or die early?
that's just stupid.. why would you die early if you dont read a book? or go to jail?

uncertaintly's picture
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Meh. I agree with the copy, not with the execution.

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i like the insight and concept of execution, maybe better execution could make it perfect's picture
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How I wish I could change my life by just a book.

Life itself doesn't have meaning, which should be created by ourselves.

new_Ogilvy's picture
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so weird and confusing, and its over promising.

dotunbello's picture
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Basically states that all it takes is one book to inspire..

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