Penguin Books Malaysia: Exclamation Mark

Advertising Agency: Y&R Singapore
Creative Director: Rowan Chanen
Copywriters: Rowan Chanen
Art Director: Kirsten Ackland
Print Producer: Kim Lim


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nice one. I like that ad encouraging people to read really is doing this. Not showing twisted idea picture, but inviting into letter and imagination world. Yep.

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Love it!!!!! Oh, how I wish I'd written that. Marvelous, wonderful, funny, insightful, intriguing... what else can I say?

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I think the last line, "These days, they can be found spending their evenings alone, punctuating the awkward silence" is a bit forced. It's trying to play on the fact that they're punctuation marks, but why are they awkward if they eloped and got together? Because she's standing on her head these days?

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You guys rock! (Sorry about the cliche & the excalmation mark...sorry...exclamation point) Brilliant piece of writing. We guys fell in love besides reading it out loud for the entire team. gr8 simply gr8

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Subtle humor, wonderful insight, and a tongue-in-cheek approach to the brand -- no wonder this is another good copy ad from this brilliant campaign!

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fine copy.

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I think they mean "!!??" as the awkward silence

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