Penguin Books Malaysia: Dot, Dot, Dot

Advertising Agency: Y&R Singapore
Creative Director: Rowan Chanen
Copywriters: Rowan Chanen
Art Director: Kirsten Ackland
Print Producer: Kim Lim


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... so they hired Exclamation Point and Question Mark from the previous ad, who were able to confuse one and all by creating such an emphatic question that many were reeling from the shock. And the awe.

Lord, lord, lord.....

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3647 pencils

I skipped the first two, but read this one. Nice copy.

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This is the best of the lot, excellent use of storytelling and punctuation. Good art across all of them. Would like to see one done on alphabets.

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I love it! It captures the essence of the brand with masterful story-telling. This is excellent copy!

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and another great one...

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22 pencils

???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............I WANT MORE.... gR8 reading!!
If u can please send more...:) Thanks!!!

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