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pooja gadodia
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bad implementation.

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The ideas are way too soft for any real impact.

And this is from Grey? This has to be something they gave a junior team. I cant see this coming from their usual ADs.

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Yeah you're right, this isn't something I don't want to see. In fact it looks pretty cute, I do want to see it.

Bad ad.

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Grey isn't just Grey, just like TBWA isn't just TBWA. They have hundreds of offices. How much work have you seen by Grey Beijing, to say this wasn't done by one of their usual teams? So many presumptions you have about bigger agencies, in other posts as well.

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We should excuse it because it comes from Grey Beijing and not Grey NY?

Sorry, bud. No dice. If the Grey name goes on it, it's held to that standard.

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you're totally right. it's not obvious enough... the premise is good, but they didn't go far enough with it.

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no pls. its really bad execution.

- kk

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cute photography...

Who turned the world upside down?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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the pinguin is having the time of his life riding the crocodile! "Finally no more cold" must be thinking!

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should be a hippo btw ;) but bad campaign :S don't like it

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im tired of this kind of ads

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Why are we showing something funny and saying,
"Take global warming seriously before it's too late".

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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Why should I take it too seriously as the penguin can still be somewhere here its an amazing place going to be...Its showing no prob they will adopt it anyway. I hope you should better show some effects.......well, well these effects ads has already too much....need one great idea to stop global warming....Its all right. I some how liked it.

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I may be wrong here, but I think that this softer execution is ace, and works for the TA. If the target market is environment-savvy people, they would immediately understand the environmental impact this image suggests and the wrongness of it.

You could argue though that yes this doesn't quite hit the lowest common denominator, but maybe that isn't their intention.
Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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pooja gadodia
Activity Score 86