Save the green, 6

May 2013
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In a little over one century we have already lost half of the tropical forest the world once had. And there are still many countries in which deforestation continues. By purchasing PEFC certified wood products, you contribute to sustainable forest management worldwide. And help countries like Brazil stay nice and green.

The Mexican rainforest is under threat. Choose PEFC certified wood products.

Advertising Agency: JWT Amsterdam, Netherlands
Executive Creative Director: Bas Korsten
Art Directors / Copywriters: Maarten Vrouwes, Friso Ludenhoff
Designers / Illustrators: Kyoko Takeshita, Robert Harrison, Ronald Mica
Producer: Paul de Groot

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I do not think is real, the Mexican government does not allow the flag and emblem are used in marketing material, in this case ADVERTISING; these can only be used for government use in Mexico or abroad. But maybe it was made it only for a advertising contest.