December 2007

Lately in South Africa there have been many power outs due growing infrastructure. So everybody should get the ER Lamp that turns on when the lights go off. Who knows what we could be enduring in the dark in our everyday lives. This campaign uses night-vision to demonstrate just that. Be it someone drinking water from grandpa’s false teeth cup, sitting on a sleeping child or missing the toilet bowl.

Scary things happen in the dark

Advertising Agency: DDB Johannesburg South Africa
Creative Director: Gareth Lessing
Art Director: Andre Vrdoljak
Copywriter: Claudi Potter
Photographer: Clive Stewart

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juliangray's picture
Activity Score 987

im sorry but this has no creative insight whatsoever.

even this case doesnt work, when its dark and dont see shit you take a piss sitting. its that big of deal?

Spanky's picture
Activity Score 4899

the false teeth execution kinda works. the couch is bad. but this one is the worst.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
Activity Score 3890

Who chooses then to take a piss? And if they were taking the piss before the power out, why did they change up their aim? Rubbish.

Doin' it for the points

Pogi5's picture
Activity Score 253

I actually don't find this too bad at all. lol.

cperry's picture
Activity Score 280

Yeah I agree with above. Its funny and different

Ant's picture
Activity Score 64

wat a joke

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

false teeth made me fall off the chair. very funny.
grandma is weak.
toilet is bad.

overall I like the concept: the funny side of power outs. if the whole series was as strong as false teeth (not necessarily so gross) it would be a great campaign.

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Activity Score 6692

after reading the description that's really not a bad campaign! like it. execpt the toilet if someone already was sitting there, he was about to piss on - then maybe.. :P

Pauflies's picture
Activity Score 205

Yes, i agree what your saying. The two others work perfectly, this one it's the worst of all, i think also in the dark we use to piss in the toilet...

cperry's picture
Activity Score 280

I seem to remember this same situation in college, 4 a.m. and about 4 20 ounces down. I can relate only I am pretty sure the power was on. Crap!

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Activity Score 6692

was it scary? ;)

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Activity Score 830

Have a guy peeing in a closet. That's better.

Zeus's picture
Activity Score 906

Good very funny

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wow! so fluckin funny jk jk

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i agree above lol lol lol lol lol lol

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wow this is not very scary to me

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i think this is stup