Pedigree: No bite, no info — Table

Dogs use their mouths as humans use their hands. When they bite into something, they do it because they want to understand more about the object: taste, texture, temperature, etc. The bite represents 20% of a dog’s senses. This means that if his teeth aren’t healthy he can’t bite it. 20% of his world is gone. That’s why the dog can’t understand what some objects really are. With Dentastix you can keep his teeth healthy and his world complete.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Adrian Ely
Art Director: Alex Daff
Copywriter: Mircea Andronescu
Illustrator: Jennifer Taylor / Paper Dog Studio
Art Buyer: Marina Shponko
Client Service: Maria Ustkachkinseva

April, 2011


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I Like typography ...very cool work !!

Live with Passion

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good campaign
awesome typographic

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

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Fernando Fernandes
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Mais um All-Type, propagnada se fazendo com palavras!

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