Pedigree: Dog Cage, 3

As time goes by, my chances will only decrease.
Please, help me find a home.

Advertising Agency: Lew´Lara\TBWA, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Jaques Lewkowicz
Creative Directors: Manir Fadel, Luciano Lincoln
Copywriter: Marcos Almirante
Art Director: Marcelo Rizerio
Photographer: Paola Vianna

May 2011


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Interesting indeed. Go save a dog now.

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Ron Burgundy
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hook line and sinker with those eyes man

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This is coming from a company that tests products on dogs

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That's probably his only eye because he's from the pound. All these campaigns just always show a sad dog or cat or something. Sad and depressing. Happy dog: "As time goes by, my chances will only... get me outta here, we need to play catch!"

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Ron Burgundy
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low kick, punch and any other combination too.

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I enjoy it...but not so much...i think it give a negative idea of try to save a dog.

I believe that to try a positive "giving a chance to a dog" or something like it will work better.

But it's a nice ad.

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