Pedigree: Bouvier Bernois

Advertising Agency: Savaglio\TBWA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Directors: Oscar Canabal
Art Directors: Oscar Canabal, Gabriel Mahler
Copywriter: Tomás Ostiglia

July, 2008


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42 pencils


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Jon-Paul Mountford
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I'll second that, AND??

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I'll triple that, AND???

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I'll quadruple that, AND????


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Frits Harkema
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Human meat.

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animal porn.

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6692 pencils

oh no! the pictures in my head! damn you..

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Could not you you see that I was just kidding????
How old are you? 8?

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360 grados
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perros más grandes.........

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Javi Ending
130 pencils

Pedigree gets your dog frisky

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189 pencils

Could be cute with the right line, but "Now, with more meat" sends it into semi-horrific territory for me. (and the comma isn't necessary)

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Does it mean the dog's got enough meat, so it feels like you're hugging a real person? A loved one?
This is probably why sex on a sunday is not a very good idea.

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I can't believe these comments! Guys, it simply means that the dog is so greatful for having more meat in it's bowl that it hugs the owner to say thank you. Now with more meat would taste a lot better! Do you not agree?

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Got the same idea after knowing the subject of the ads. I wonder why they get it wrong.

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control C
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Noooo!! they are slow dancing after a romantic pedigree dinner... since it has more meat the dog finally accepted to have dinner with this dog humper guy so the dog fell in love with him and now they are dancing....
I mean thats so obvious....

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62 pencils

Porn? get a hobby man!!!

What if ...

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Don Rapper
223 pencils

i'll probably be hated, but i really liked it, it made me laugh... i didn't think about animal porn... its very twisted to think that!
its so simple. the animal is grateful and hugs de owner.
to me, its great!

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you are not alone. this is way better than all these lieing "makes your dog stronger/smarter/cuter" campaigns. and it will work on dog owners

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I also disagree with most of you...These ads are great... they are sweet and they really speak to dog owners... it is great the feeling of dog hugging you!!! Maybe you're just not the target...

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Agree. I love these too!


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You're right.

This can only be understood and appreciated by someone who has a dog... and loves it.

Anyone who comes to the zoophilia idea is either a disturbed person or simply never had a dog (or a friend).

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me sumo al Y?,
i agree with AND?

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998 pencils

wtfax ~!
brb...i need to puke o.0

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A dog is a man's best friend. Pedigree makes man a dog's best friend. Get it now or should I dissect it even further?

I think, therefore... yeah.

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I liked them, got it right away - a 'thank you' hug from the dog. How is this so difficult for so many to miss?

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It looks cute... and yes thats a good way to show gratitude BUT could there be another way to make it more... what about using a little photoshop and giving that dog a cute gratitude face (closing his eyes and smiling just a bit not too much). In that case, you would really personalize the dog and that would add some humurous cuteness to it. Thats just my thought.

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Why such a dark background? to make it look intimate or what?

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Id like to know, why is it that the photographer´s name is not shown beside the add?

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