Oscar's picture
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looks more like a worm comming out of the pear. ewwww

popdistortion's picture
1592 pencils

That's a lot of condensation. A 'sort of almost there' idea.

addyhoch10's picture
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yes, too much waterdroplets, but i like the straw idea, i think it's absolutely clear what it is supposed to be. i don't like the combination of the claim and the picture though, the picture doesn't say "the best of the fruit", it rather says "freshest fruit juice" or something.
like this it tells me that the best (part) of the fruit is it's straw shaped peduncle (is peduncle the right word? never mind, you know what i mean..)

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Yeah, I also thought there was a worm coming out of the fruit. However, it's a solid idea, but nothing new.

jkschlitz's picture
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This is pretty reminiscent of those orange juice ads where they stuck a straw into the orange.

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i agree..too wormlike.

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Jonny Lonestar
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isn't Tropicana's logo a straw coming out of an orange? ... yep it is ... and that is OLD... http://www.tropicana.com/ - sorry to be that guy.

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Those were my first thoughts seeing this campaign. Executed fairly well, but the concept has been done long before.


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Mmm, a worm sticking out of a sweaty fruit. yummy

Desi's picture
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i see no connexion between the best of fruits and the visual.

Mo's picture
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The nectar looks fresh , not sure about the idea though.

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the idea was nice...but wht bout tht worm? :P

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It isn't the worm. It is the tip of the fruit which resembles a straw (see the ridges!). It asks you to taste the BEST OF THE FRUIT.

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