Pattex: Glass

Advertising Agency: DDB Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Hugo Gallardo
Copywriters: Sebastian Valenzuela, Hugo gallardo
Illustrator: Balalò

March 2008


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I'm just SOOOOO glad that these guys stuck only with "issues" at hand, as it were, and not showing us any other two irrelevant "un-bondable" things in one piece. You know, those things that normally don't mesh together in life...

I guess I'm thinking about that dental floss print campaign that Saatchi/NY did a little while ago. There are some visual similarities here. But their argument was simply absurd and the things shown were utterly irrelevant. Girls'NightOut/9am Meeting, Manhattan/Rent, ect, etc. It's a fuckin' dental floss ad, ferchrissake!!

I'm sure these guys have thought about that angle during the concepting period, too. But they had the smarts not to go off on a creative tangent and keep things in perspective to the product advertised.

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I agree with you Jet but take exception to your reference to the Saatchi work. These are spot on and communicate precisely the value of the product. Everything works. Great campaign I reckon.

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bravo, you can do cross words

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Ok, this is the brief. Now show me the ads.

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Good job.

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True, Kon, good JOKE.
And I already have the sequel: puzzle pieces that stick together even if you lift them.
If this is outstanding creativity, ok. Not in my opinion.

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Is not a joke, is an insight


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What?!!!!! I don't agree with what I read up here, I mean, the campaign is o.k., but nothing outstanding. Someone said that it's so good just because they keep in the product area with the arguments and words are directly linked to the benefit. Ok, for me that's exactly what makes brilliant the work of the guys at Saatchi Ny: they escaped from the obvious, and used no "irrelevant" issues (as someone said in some lines up) but so smart ways of comunicating the product benefit without talking of it, just talking of real and clear problems that everybody knews. And everything was just perfectly clear. Now that's brilliant.
These are clear and simple. That's all.

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I was right! Take a look here:

A previous glue ad from DDB (although not from Milan) with a puzzle instead of crosswords! What next? Game cards, game sticks, roulette?

GO ON PLAYING, MAYBE YOU''LL BE LUCKIER NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I totally agree with Talkingisfree.

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This is the only one that really talked to me. Knowing that window frames are made of aluminum and glass, this is probably the best of the three. Don't really know where I would see leather bonded with plastic. Good ad, but I wouldn't say brilliant.

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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fernando aljaro
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Guena perla white!!!!

Fernando Aljaro / Creative Director JWT

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