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Dog one works.

Statue is a stretch. hate three different visual solutions with same headline as well...

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Does the kid need to be in the photo?

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You're right. I think it doesn't need the kid.
It might make the ad more powerful since you get to complete the visual in your mind.

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I'm not very sure about layout but the idea is very nice.

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i would prefer the line as "it is hard to live on the streets", maybe, maybe not. this is missing something, not sure what.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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idea is good . it fall because it went normal or nothing new with the layout .

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ugh. this is a real stetch. and for a homeless girl, she sure is dressed well in nice clean clothes.

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good design yea

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It looks like she passed out while vandalizing the statue. Plus, statues don't really "live." The dog one works much, much better. For this, I'd take a different line with the copy, go "If a statue is treated like this, what treatment will a kid get?" or something like that. Or, like someone else said, just "It is hard to live on the street."

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I like that idea. Maybe have a statue of a founding father? "If our founding father is treated like this" and so on.

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Great idea

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Holy crap.. you guys hate all the adds... stop bitch´n and do something better instead

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