Patil Hospital: Anti Self-medication

Can you treat yourself better than your doctor?
Self-medication can put your life in danger. Always consume medicines only after consulting your doctor.

Millions of people in India develop various medical complications due to not consulting to a docotor / physician before consuming medicines for minor ailments. Worldwide as well, self-medication is a huge problem. Government / non-government agencies in India and other countries have not started recongnising it as a growing problem and taken up the issue on a serious note. Patil Hospital, mumbaihad organised a 'Patient Welfare Program'for educating patients / attendants / pharmacists / para-mecical staff / general public on various issues including 'self medication'. The poster titled ‘Self Medication’ was highly successful in catching the attention and generating awareness among them on the importance of consulting a doctor before consuming any medication. Around 5000 people attended the program that was conducted for 10 days. The poster design was recreated in the size of a pamphlet and distributed to all the visitors. People could understand the complications and complexity associated with self medication. Many of them vowed to not indulge in self medication and also encourge their friends and relatives to do the same.

Advertising Agency: R&P Advertising and media Communication, New Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Abhay Patkar
Art Director: Abhay Patkar
Copywriter: Nitin Rajapurkar
Additional credits: Sanjay kelaskar
Published: December 2009


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Roger Keynes
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First thought.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Phil Lestino
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well if the first 7 bullets didn't kill you maybe you're not doing such a bad job.

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spot on


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can't find the link between the copy and the visual, sorry

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lynz's picture
104 pencils

pretty straight forward if you ask me.

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This would have been award winning if you had actually produced these pill packets with plastic bullets & message on the back. As it is, this idea is just OK. IMO.

roel_bogers's picture
84 pencils

Doesn't work at all. But I do like the visual.

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ek kanya
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works for me. its nice. my boyfriend needs to see this. he keeps consulting doctors but chooses his own medicines. Iam showing him this one.

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Marlus Lau
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Yeah I like it.

The art could be better, though.

Imagepro's picture
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I like this, the message and the visual.

monsieurange's picture
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Me gusta la síntesis, no creo que sea un primer pensamiento, aunque se me hace una forma muy vieja de comunicar.

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Message received.

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The visual is great, but I have to agree with Phil Lestino

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the copy is alright. visual is good. I wish it had a better tag line, because the body copy is good.

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The idea was better than the solution.

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Title is wrong. I treat myself better than my doctor. Everybody does. Don´t you?

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silvi you got it wrong

you cant offer yourself better medicine than a doctor can

OK FINE, i know you were kidding


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Nice and simple... and i believe in doctors.

Simple ideas are the best !

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bullets' color is not ok. they look like pills.

shahidali's picture
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I almost said 'Yes' to the rhetoric question in the copy:-). Then realized that this should be 'No'.
But even then, i think this is a good work. good art direction.


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88 pencils

Works for me. Copy could have been a bit more powerful though.

Dev Kumar's picture
Dev Kumar
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Good idea and good art direction. The copy could have been more interesting.

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20 pencils

it's awesome if you air this print in Vn!

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282 pencils

idea r good, art direction could been better

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I respect doctors, but often treat myself ! I'm not sure this ad will make me stop !

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An ad for Bullet Tooth Tony or Boris, the Bullet Dodger from Snatch. They live on after 7 bullets, noone else.

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bad copy... not showing justice to the idea.

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i think its great ...

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the art direction could have been spot on if the tablets of bullets were complete. for the copy. its quite not there yet. but nice idea

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good presentation

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nice thought, execution is also cool. no need to make a fuss... its hitting already

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Self-medication can be very dangerous. Always consult your doctor for medication.

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It doesn't make any sense.... how you survive taking 07 pills of ‘highly toxic' substance....
It would be much better if the pills were compete and unbroken

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