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forced & unoriginal

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Seth: There were six of us. We were skinny dipping when the submarine broke the surface. It was mayhem.
Officer: Did you see anyone in the submarine? Can you describe them?
Seth: I believe it was a Hatian family. They were smiling. They looked very happy. (looks around) Where are my friends? (begins to cry)
Officer: Easy there fella. We'll find your friends. Maybe they boarded the submarine?
Seth: The Hatians were very inviting. Fetching actually. What can we do? (shaking his fist at the sea) Why, Haiti? Why?
At this point, the officer grabs Seth's hand.
Officer: Come along, son. We're off to Haiti. We've no time to waste! I believe Haiti is just past Berthold's Cave.
Seth: (smiling) Can we stop for some taffy? Please?
Hand in hand, they ran down the beach, in search of Haiti and taffy and five naked friends.

We'll reconvene at 10.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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the beautiful suffering.

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Welcome back to 1990, when the www's appeared and crowded all of our magazines. Besides, there are a few www's to discover, hidden anywhere, but definitely, NOT HERE.


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I've gotta try hanging my clothes on barbed wire.

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Is it possible to keep the comments constructive and RELEVANT?

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Would be nice. And until the very last few months it seemed to be possible. I don't know why this has been changed...

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