Partnership for a Drug-Free America: Bong

What would you say? Learn at

Advertising Agency: 22squared
Creative Director: John Stapleton
Art Director: Derek Kirkman
Copywriter: Kevin Botfeld
Published: June 2009


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I would say: great campaign, nice logo.

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No no! BAD logo...!


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Pot is goooood......

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this is strategically very smart: it presents me with a problem I myself couldn't just reply with a good solution to. it makes me want to find out more.

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Agreed. It encourages parents to find out more so that they can outsmart their children should the time come. "Yes, but marijuana strains are stronger than they were in my day, which is why there's so much debate over their classification and legalisation."

Of course, that's not going to stop the little teenage bitch from running out and buying another baggie, but that isn't the client's concern. They (like the daughter) just want more hits.

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i think these are all pretty good. i agree though - the question mark/exclamation point logo might be the worst logo on the planet. not these guys fault though

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No no Krautland, please. It's hellish. It stinks. The thought has been used. I mean how many more ads are there going to be where an imaginary role play is used. It's a cheap way to say something boring.......

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Intelligent and thought-provoking ad.

Not that it would ever stop me toking up large. The ratan and the death penalty here in Singapore stop me, but these questions don't.

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