October 2007
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Drug users finance crime and as in all financing, you pay dearly. Don’t let dealers have fun at your cost.

Advertising Agency: D/Araújo, Florianópolis, Brazil
Creative Director: Edu Borges
Copywriter: Igor Becker
Photographer: Jeferson Caldart

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I like it, its a diferent angle for ad against drugs, congrats guys.

maybe Have Heart is right, the "Don’t let dealers have fun at your cost" could be enough.

Rachel: what do you know about any financing rules? you pay taxes to make a finance for your information... out of US is even more taxes i can sure you, so IT IS dearly, as you maybe pay dearly if you buy drugs and finance guns and violence that can turn against you.

Credosian, the target is not dealers, is you.
and who tell you this ad is for a magazine ad? and if was, there you are.
you 2, of course, are from US.