Pars Pro Toto, V10

We see your Audi with different eyes.
Your Audi partner knows your Audi and its workings like no one else. A masterpiece in every detail. That's why you should bring your Audi in for regular inspections only to those with the service quality you can trust — to you Audi Service Centre. Your Audi Partner will provide competent answers to all of your questions — and service that puts you first.
100% Audi. 100% Service.

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Alexander Gutt, Bill Marbach
Art Director: Andreas Miller
Copywriter: Michael Zimmermann
Photographer: Iver Hansen

September 2006


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These ideas are great. The only thing I would suggest is to show a more familiar component, like steering wheel, engine, or wheel axles. It is hard to understand for normal non mechanical users.

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different eyes? masterpiece? i can only guess what they tried to do here, but they failed. nice art though

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