Parodontax toothpaste: Bats

Bleeding gums? Paradontax

Client: GlaxoSmithKline, Singapore
Agency: Grey Global Group, Singapore
Client Service: Jimmy Teo, Cindy Khaw
Creative Directors: Koh Hwee Peng, Justin Lim
Art Directors: Elsa Peck, Koh Hwee Peng, Nick Tan
Copywriter: Justin Lim
Photographer: Photolibrary, Ric Tang/Shutterbug
Retoucher: Evan Lim/Magic Cube


2workitt's picture
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Well, well... feels like everyones trying too hard to be creative. What happend to KISS?

the_ashlands's picture
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i love it when people feel threatened by something they didnt create!!

life_joke's picture
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who ever heard of fruitbats coming after blood? these are absolutely harmless, upside down hanging bats that don't do anybody any harm. but thinking of these creatures and trying to imagine them as vampires is even harder.

the_ashlands's picture
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im no bat expert...but they could be vampire bats right?

the_dejawoo's picture
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I saw a lot of ideas like this in Asia Ad. Fest' last year.

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forget about whether the idea is good, i think its just a nice refreshing visual way to show off boring 'specialised' toothpaste.

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