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Lookee here...they turned a research technique into an ad. Wowee!

(Still, it must be said it is a good idea.)

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andrej dwin
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wow. I consider myself at least a tiny bit into art, but I didn't get it without reading the comments here.
then again, maybe I'm just stupid.

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AdArena: Sex Sells

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yes my friend, you're just stupid.
but don't worry, being stupid won't bar you from being successful in advertising.

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i didn't get these either. and after reading some of the explanations, i can see why. these ads are weak. what's the point?

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i think i must be even dumber than you guys cause i still dont get it...

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If you know your artists then you'll get the connection. It's freeform association. Drunk on Saturday makes you think thirst, thirst; water, water; ocean, until you end up at Damien Hirst. Your freeform associating takes you to Hirst cus that's what you subconsciously thinking of anyway. Ipso facto, you're into art.

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Yeah, I feel awfully stupid now and a like a bit of a tool, 'cos until Yokel described it there I thought it was just a shite wordplay, but now I get it and I like it.

Not for me, not being particularly into art, but for its target audience - great!

We're going to need more lube.

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