It is a shame, but they are not that careless. We need your call denouncing their activities.

So far, more than one million crimes have been reported, from which 33% refer to drug trafficking and consumption. After drug trafficking, the most often reported criminal offenses are: domestic violence (9%) and car theft (8%).

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draftfcb, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Cristina Amorim, Fernando Barcellos
Art Director: Cidney Neto
Copywriter: Thiago Fernandes
Photographer: Ricardo Cunha
Account Director: Gustavo Oliveira

September 2007


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the ad can be more natural.
any way this type of ads should(I mean will) work the purpose.

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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Okay. Careless criminals. That's the idea, right?

That's an idea that could be pushed waaay further. Stupid criminals. A bank robber that gives his number to the cute teller. A bank robber that wears opaque pantyhose on his head. Just to name 2 examples from ads that have appeared here. Or just search Google for "stupid criminals" and find dozens of examples. Funny examples. It should be FUNNY.

Except, this is for a crime prevention hotline. It's serious, not funny.

That's why this idea doesn't work.

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not need to go further, just need to simply identify a criminal, so what else as known as a pantyhose on the face ?

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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CCTV? Could be a better contemporary medium to explore.

We're going to need more lube.

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HEY, this is south america, criminals in here, are serious criminals, we dont need to see them in a funny way. I really dont care about a bank robber, he is robbing a bank. We r worried about criminals that are killing people for nothing, maybe a watch, maybe 5 dollars. Welcome to south america, welcome to reality! here our life is not as "peaceful" and "beautiful" as your first world life. MAybe this isnt the most creative campaign i know, but i just want u to know that the reality in here is too much different than yours, so we will never see it as u do.... Sorry for my english...

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You don't even know where he is from, yet your stereotyping.

We're going to need more lube.

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We're going to need more lube.

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it´s not about beeing careless. it´s about walk around without fear.
What happen in Brasil, and I gues in other places is that people know the criminals but they don´t tell the police.

so I thik it´s a good ad.

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So you're saying that if criminals wore stockings on their head, we could tell them apart from the average joe, and therefore avoid them?

Well that's kind of a nice idea in itself.

Fail Harder.

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the point is the idea of showing a criminal in a funny way is not happening. It looks weird and it doesn't come across as funny.

Being Brazilian I see what they are trying to do, even if the copy gets lost in translation, but the suggestions above would've worked better for the idea, if they're trying to make people laugh.

A better way to make the idea come across is to have people hate criminals even more, and not try to make us laugh about it.

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This would have been a much better idea if they had a more natural shot. It just looks so forced, thats all.
Maybe that's the idea (we wish they did this but they don't).
Well in THAT sense, you could do something to with the criminal, oops! 'accidently' leaving their drivers licence, family tree, dental records, ink fingerprints and a little black book saying 'All my crim friends numbers' just lying around the house somewhere.

Ugh, it's been a rough morning working on retail.

Fail Harder.

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Tisk tisk...

there was one more on the beach i cant find...

but tisk. Cidney Neto, tisk.

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Allow me to add an addendum to my earlier comment.

What I said was that this approach - criminals being careless - is inherently funny. This campaign isn't funny, nor is it meant to be. But if it doesn't come out funny, that means it just wasn't executed right. Which makes it the wrong approach for this kind of message.

I now stand corrected. Because the approach here isn't stupid criminals. Is it? It's BRAZEN criminals.

So you should be showing a crime taking place in broad daylight, in the middle of a whole crowd of people - all of whom are just walking by disinterestedly. Burglars breaking into a house. Robbers holding up a convenience store. Thugs beating up an old lady. And dozens of bystanders and passers-by who just don't care. Heck, you could shoot it from the POV of the victim. You, the viewer, are being robbed, assaulted, brutalized, even raped - and over the shoulders of your attackers are people deliberately ignoring you.

And then your message wouldn't be "too bad criminals aren't so easy to spot". It'd be "if you don't report crimes, nobody will report a crime that happens to YOU".

(BTW, no I'm not from South America. But I don't have to be. I understand the concern about rising crime perfectly. As, I'm sure, does everyone in the world.)

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(Sorry for the double post...)

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I hope that brazilians agencies, by discovering "ads of the world" and start posting as crazy, can start to look at themselfs about how poor, formulated and predictable are our ads nowadays. I hope copywriters stop to worry about making a nice joke and art directors keep doing theyr best to make it look good but also start thinking about the concept, too. We need to change, now!

Eu soh espero que as agencias brasileiras, depois de descobrirem e postarem como doidas no Ads of the world comecem a perceber, pelos comentarios, como nossa publicidade anda atrasada, pobre, com formulinhas prontas e previsivel. Espero q os redatores e diretores de arte comecem a pensar em conceito ao inves de sacadinhas, piadinhas prontas e direcao de arte do caralho, mas tb formulada. Precisamos mudar urgente, galera! Estamos ficando para tras.

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Do you just say things outloud when you see them?

I love lamp.

We're going to need more lube.

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