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Lost in paris

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i don't get it

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@ a versailles event, you can loose your head. (or let your head loose).

And the reference is decapitation of Marie Antoinette.

I think.

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I don't get it either. I guess that no matter what you look like you will be treated like royalty. That's y they are not showing the faces. But it almost looks like a halloween party.

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A little bit of history of France:
Marie antoinette, the wife, of louis xvI has been decpitated during the french revolution in 1793.
A little bit after her husband has been decapited too.

(it's in french)

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what is this?

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Versailles was a place of sins during the time of Marie Antonette. They wasted gold and food in an unbelievable scale while poor people had been starving

But you already know what happens when the poor revolt :)

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yeah I know what poor people do when they revolt, but I still don't know what this ad is trying to say at first sight.
ohh come on, should everyone know about the Marie Antonette?
than stick somekind of wobler on the print which gives us the historical information.. than let us understand it.

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You don't tell a joke and then go back and explain in detail why and how it's a joke.

If an ad references to Versailles and you see a headless person/people, you immediately understand what they're getting at. Don't mean to appear condescending here, but if you don't get the visual humor, you're clearly either way too young or uneducated. It's a basic world history knowledge. You don't even have to be French to understand it.
Whether it's tasteful or not, that's all subjective. Is it a great line? Probably not. But the message here can't be any clearer (come dance the night away with total abandon).
I like it because it definitely stopped me and I understood the message RIGHT AWAY.
Nothing like a good ol' guillotine pun.

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Phew... Why are you so angry man? And why are you pushing so hard to make me love this ad?
or change my mind about it? As you say, this is all subjective...
so from this point of view I got the right to say; I didn't like it,
I didn't understand it, I belived that everyone can not understand this because the idea is based
upon a historical thing.
So where is the problem?
So, what if you could understand this print RIGHT AWAY? Should I adore you?
Anyways man, cool down.

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