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people won't read this ad!

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i agree with you..... people wont read this one.....

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you don't have to read it all, cause all those stories are gossips and silly news, and this publication won't publish them. but will publish the only one that is in red, and believe teenagers and people who like Britney and Paris will read it... I guess.

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But teenagers and people who like britney and paris are not the target. Quite the opposite.

Someone that wants paris out of his newspaper, is not going to care enough to read all this.

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i think it's brilliant

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I guess today this would qualify as a long copy ad. I like. Nice one nudge. reminds me of pussers...lets not go there :)

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I think your strategy is horribly flawed. Readers of the "real news" wouldn't even know these celebrities well enough to get the jokes or irony . . .