Parental Control Bar: Woman

Protect your kids from nudity.

Advertising Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer
Creative Directors: Diego Castillo, Daslav Maslov
Art Directors: Rob Casillas, Diego Melo, Daslav Maslov, Eduardo Casasuss
Copy: Diego Castillo
Account Director: Christy Kranik
Production: Daslav Maslov, Eduardo Casasuss
Responsible for the Client: Charlene Riggs
Production Manager: Steve Grill

March 2010


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Yeah, Leopard is hot and Windows is violent :)

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Leopard is also gangsta.

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Cool art direction. very well done.

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DONE. I believe these even won a tonne of awards. BUSTED.


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Leeds United
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Thanks, thedesignaddict, absolutely right. Leeds United did this together with graphic designer Martin Holm in former agency 2008scandinavia a couple of years ago. And it won international awards. Not a ton, but maybe 150 kg...But to be fair, the Teknograd campaign was also discussed, because a german campaign had used the folders as design elements...and who was first....? I think the art direction on this Parental Guidance one is really good...and it is hard to be a creative - everything is done...almost...

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similar visual but different idea. I like this art direction better.

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I've noticed you give all campaigns by this agency 10 stars.

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esta es la mejor. grande daslav

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Nudity is not the same thing as porn. Plus this idea of making pictures of out desktop icons has been done a few times before.

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internet isn't folder

done, done...

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i don't like this ad.
i wonder what/why people assume nudity/body is problematic for children.
porn is different. but all these are critically viewed only because of a stern morality
there is something called child sexuality of which the world
acts strictly blind to.

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