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I like the use of the handcuff - nice ambient idea but who is it taking to. The criminals who are going to jail or normal citizens like me? It is like they are preempting something?

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Good question little cake. Here's some insight:

As much as 10 percent of all Canadians have some kind of a past criminal record (over 3 million people). Many of these people have made a mistake years ago (DUI, marijuana possession, etc.) and they probably don't even think about their past anymore. As a matter of fact, to be eligible for a pardon one needs to wait at least 5 years with no repeat offenses. The target audience is largely male with a reasonable income (the process costs in the neighbourhood of $500-$1000). Most of these clients are people who made a mistake, but have since moved on to be professionals, family people, etc. Hardened criminals who are in and out of jail on a regular basis aren't even eligible.

I won't hold those questions against you as I'll assume you're not in the target audience. ;-)

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