Ray Grassi Sledge Hockey

February 2010

Standing on the podium is overrated.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
Art Director: Julie Nikolic
Copywriter: Greg Buri
Photographer: Chris Woods

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What sports is this outfit playing for?

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Even though the attitude is definitely making this worth it, too bad he has a shirt picturing a hockey player.

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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Great attention on details.

art direction, copy, the ad itself is great!

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good one!

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good 1.

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Nice Work !!

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very nice, Perfect expression!

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Agree with the first comment. Shirt is not neccesary. Is confusing.
Photo and composition is great

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That's not what the first comment said. The first comment was stating that it is unfortunate that the hockey player within the logo has the use of his legs while he plays without them. Although I do think that both of you are confused by the sport. He plays hockey, just without the use of his legs... he is still a hockey player, just that he is in the Paralympics and they have a different way of playing. The jersey is necessary, it is an ad for the country he represents, that is their uniform. What jersey would you suppose that he wear instead?

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Fully agree with B; if you guys before giving comments, better you check and search; the logo on the jersey is the official logo for the Canadian Paralympic Hockey Team; as the old wise man said, “when in doubt google that shit” ;)

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Perhaps they need to show their positive attitude! as 'Hockey Canada'
I do not think that it was an accident, one play Field Hockey, and the other Sledge Hockey! which does not mean that they should amputate the logo too!
...said earlier "they do not need your sympathy"

still the campaign is great!


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beautiful ad. powerful too. not sure it's the ad or just seeing a paraolympic athlete.

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Sven Gali
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mind blowing!

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excellent ad

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What sports is this outfit playing for?