Pantene: Tornado

Hair power.

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Matos, Leandro Castilho
Art Director: Guy Costa
Photographer: Paulo Macini
Other additional credits: WDS

April 2008


Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

These just look like matted hair, not a good look for a hair product. The little people are like bugs caught in the mess. The idea isn't working. The opportunity to do something really beautiful here was missed.

pierrelastname's picture
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nonono !!

karankal's picture
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I agree with Davosk.

The hair on my niece's barbie looks much better.

capywriter's picture
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and on yours? ;)

jomo's picture
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Really cool art.

theanc's picture
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mark3r's picture
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GOD!!! I agree with you all... Take the Bug/Guy out, use human hair!!!! and art direct the HELL out of it... it would have been a good ad.

MINAKA MORI's picture
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Yeah! why they didn't put a nice and silky tornado hair??

Si, por que no pusieron un cabello bonito y brillante en el tornado??

Don't try to stand out of the crowd; avoid crowds altoghether.

carolg88's picture
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i get the feeling that the whole idea behind this campaign is that the target of pantene is a woman with no self-confidence, that needs reassuring and backing up from men :s

Whitefang's picture
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utter shite, leave advertising now

teenie's picture
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Oh my goodness, the brushing that will need. It took me a half hour to undo my wedding hair--I can't imagine this mess!

Benjamin Stottlemyer's picture
Benjamin Stottlemyer

great idea. looks like the elefant cover art we did with

check it.

stovne's picture
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Talk about negative attitudes around here. I think the idea is the first, interesting, fresh approach to hair product advertising I've seen in a long time.
Drop the guy though. Seriously.

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