Pantene: Kitchen

Pantene Hair fall control

Advertising Agency: Grey group, Mexico
Executive Creative Directors: Emilio Solis, Edgar Verne, Joanna Lopez
Creative Directors: Hugo Muñoz, Román Barrera
Head of Art: Hugo Muñoz
Art Directors: Christian Valderrama, Juan Pablo Torres
Copywriters: Sergio Fernández Villaescusa
Photographer: Diego Arrigoni


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Not sure about this idea :)

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but why's she looking at the camera. Look at the eggs, dear!

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W.T.F. The food sucks!!!

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Unbelievable idea... But in all this campaign the Pantene woman not doing her job. I think Diego Arrigoni is not used this picture in original artwork.

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Actually I like it. Simple yet clever.

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That is a Serv-safe violation. If you work in a kitchen, you can't have your hair down. A lack of forethought on the part of the designers. Notice everyone else has there hair up. Pick a more appropriate setting.

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I take it you're joking. :)

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Marlus Lau
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I take it you're joking. :) [2]

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Don Rapper
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I take it you're joking. :) [3]

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Reality Check
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@ Guest: I take it you are joking. [4]

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@ Guest: I take it you're joking. :) [5]

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L. Wiesen
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yes... better if she's not looking at cam.

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As if her hair does not say it enough, I picture someone looking at the ad and saying "Eew, that's nasty. How is she preparing food without tying her hair back?" She is looking at the viewer and saying "I use Pantene hair fall control shampoo. ~.^"

Beautiful couple of ads.

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Used by only 1 in 5 women :(

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Don Rapper
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that girl can leave her hair in my soup anytime she wants. hehehehe

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amazing.. very nice.. like this. great concept

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@Guest: i take it you're joking (nth)

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Very clean!

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amazing pose

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Love this ads. Great for the brand, great for the awards.

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