Pantene: Guy, 2

Behind a great man there is always a woman who uses a great shampoo.

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Matos
Art Director: Guy Costa
Photographer: Paulo Macini
Copywriter: Silvio Matos
Photographer: Marlos Bakker
Published: April 2008


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Not getting any better.

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The hair is terrible!

And the line... Behind a great man there's always a woman who uses great shampoo... So? What? To make the great man look like a failed transvestites-in-training?

*No offense to gays. I mean, gay men have taste. And they definitely would also use great shampoo.

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No offense taken, because transvestites, for the most part, are straight men who dress as women.

And I dont know any gay man who would dress as abysmally as this model.

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people here are blind?
the guy dont have long hair.
that long hair belong to a woman... and she is REALLY behind the guy.

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Uhm... no. It's very clever Photoshop work. Look closer.

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i'm with her. i wouldn't show my face either.

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If this ad would go with your explanation then may be it would work :)


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Rafael Lago
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I got it. There should be a woman behind the guy. But there isn't! Looks like the guy is dressing her scalp. Ugly.

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jesus... what a retarded copy

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Ok, i see it now, there's a woman behind the guy... but still the copy is still BbbBbBBBbAd to the bones.

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HAHAHA this ad reminds me of a nip/tuck chapter.

What a weird concept...

Don't try to stand out of the crowd; avoid crowds altoghether.

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I can't tell if they tried to put a woman behind him (god forbid) or if it's just bad photoshop.

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Renan Correa
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behind a man... sounds strange for me :D


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this is arse

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Its a very good ad, a different approach, I liked this ad.

I dont understand why people cant get such a nice & effective ad, and what's wrong with copy.

Great ad gyus...
keep it up.

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Shweet ad.



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I think the ads are good, a bit strange, but good. The guy in this ad is hot :)

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