Panasonic: Soldier

Where no vacuum has gone before.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Josh Moore
Creatives: Tom Paine, Carlos Savage, Mark Tallis, Cameron Dowsett
Associate Creative Director: Tom Paine
Visual Effects: Will Brand
Planner: Jono Key
Agency Producer: Christina Hazard
Designer: Musonda Katongo

May 2014


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Brilliant! Thanks for bringing this to my eyes.

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If these toys were lost in a place no one had been before, shouldn't they be happy because someone finally found them?
It doesn't work, sorry.
And come on, a vacuum cleaner that can find a toy soldier in a couch is not precisely new news.

Please, stop doing ads for award shows. Or at least put a selling thought into them.

Vacuum cleaners that vacuum, laundry detergents that wash, condoms that prevent pregnancy... COME ON PEOPLE!!!

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