Panasonic: Murder

Won't miss any pixel.

Advertising Agency: JWT Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Creative Officer: Pinit Chantaprateep
Creative Director: Satit Jantawiwat
Art Director: Teeravit Kimsatra
Photographer: Pornchai Wongkila
Copywriter: Taya Soonthonvipat
Retoucher: visionary
Agency Producer: Nongluck Rattanapong

March, 2008


sodomy's picture
262 pencils

I can't see the thing in the camera. It's too small.

puppiepoppy's picture
1634 pencils

Is there a lady in there with a plastic bag of fresh pork? :)

gmint7's picture
2683 pencils


it's a liver.


poojagadodia's picture
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nice :)...looks like Indias fish market..:D

Advertising Pawn's picture
Advertising Pawn
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Is the image in the camera supposed to be a zoom on the guy who murdered the other?

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Killer Sambayano's picture
Killer Sambayano
19 pencils

This ad is great...and very difficult to understand at first sight. I think is a good way to show the quality of the camera, but you need to take your time to find the killer, connect with the product and understand the right sense. Is there enough time to do all these things?

Zekin's picture
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Inside the milk shop in the backgruond i've seen Waldo.

360 grados's picture
360 grados
305 pencils

me gusta bastante, aunque la situación es muy cruda. Se puede colocar otro tipo de situaciones.

Jumo's picture
592 pencils

Good !!

Art Director FP7 Morocco

copywriter_n's picture
52 pencils

does it really work as a 'real' ad?
took me too long to find out,
but when I did, the benefit seems appealing enough
it's good anyway

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