Panasonic Microwave: Pig

Stop spinning your food.
Panasonic flat technology. Microwaves in all directions without the need to rotate.

Advertising Agency: Fischer + Fala, Brazil
Creative Directors: Rafael Merel, Marcelo Fedrizzi, Pedro Cappelleti, Flavio Casarotti
Art Director: Guilherme Rácz
Copywriter: Lucas Casão
Illustrator: Sidnei Victor
Photographer: Diogo Telles
Published: March 2010


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good 1

jimmymars's picture
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Finally! It's here?

SAM75's picture
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Nice and clear. But the benefits of the new design is not clear at all for me. Will the foods get dizzy in the conventional ovens? :D

Adaddicted's picture
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Clean campaign whether it rotates or not!


whatthefudge's picture
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Agree with SAM75, why should I choose a microwave that doesn't rotate before one that does? Is the non-rotator more power efficient? The only pro I can come up with is that the dinner plate now can be oblong.

atb2005's picture
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Maybe it's power efficient. Copy is not good; indeed few people would care if their food is spinning or not. They should not have used gray for Ideas For Life. Art is cute, but it won't save this campaign.

fabiomarquesf's picture
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The thing is: the client had a product with new technology. Needed to comunicate that. If that technology is good or not is another issue, maybe for :)
The campaign comunicates the clients need pretty well.
Brazilian ads rules.

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Nice campaign!


elnietodeNicho's picture
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The art, as usual in Brazil, is awesome but I think there's no great concept behind it. There's no real benefit in food that stop spinning.

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