Panasonic Lumix: Owl

Get closer

Advertising Agency: JWT, Tunisia
Regional Executive Creative Director: Naja Ramsey
Executive Creative Director: El Zoghlami Ahmed
Art Director: Provost Christophe
Copywriter: Moussart Fabien
Planner: Kaddour Hazem


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Ramat Ajala
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How many owls in advertising-

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i don't like

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When 'ok' ads like these get 50+ votes (the average # of votes seem much lower), and are generally rated higher than the comments general consensus would indicate is appropriate... ca we conclude that the agency sent out a mass email and people are rating the work of their own agency?

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also, this ad would make more sense if it were a macro camera, or the worlds smallest camera.

I hate to be so literal, but it bugs me that a camera advertising zoom, is doing so by having an owl look at something extremely close to its face.

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who pay these people?

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fernando aljaro
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Fernando Aljaro / Creative Director JWT

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