Panasonic Lumix FT2: Water-proof

Lumix FT2 — Water-proof. Drop-proof. Frost-proof.

Advertising Agency: The Campaign Palace, Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Cameron Hoelter
Art Directors: John Koay, Matt Swinburne
Copywriters: Matt Swinburne, John Koay
Account managers: Mel Gill, Mark Leadercramer
Via: bestadsontv


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to subtle, I still need to see the water, ice etc. ads are suppose to be easy to "read".

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You can tell it's in the water. look closely and you can see air bubbles.

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Excelente y claro.

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I think I need bubbles

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there are tiny bubbles...

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Really quick to read, oddly enough. The second you see "waterproof" it all comes to together in a wave. It's so simple, they just took the obvious solution, took out the cliche of the water, and somehow made it work. Occam's Razor still holds sway!

The other ones in this campaign aren't quite as effective as this one, but you can't always bat 1000.


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I like that it is very subtle. On close examination you see that it was actually shot in a water tank. I'd rather it go this route than be hit over the head with the obvious 2 x 4 execution. Nice. Simple. Direct & clean.

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Anonymous Author
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Nice. Very subtle. Water bubbles look like cocaine flecks. Or dandruff.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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The concept of the entire campaign is fine, nevertheless the art direction should have been more convincing.

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Too subtle, just not interesting enough

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Nice, i like it, but it seems like no one is really satisfied with ads these days. theres always something wrong

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