Panasonic flashlights: Darkness, 2

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Pablo Silva
Art Director: Mariana Lobos
Copywriter: Pablo Silva
Illustrator: Mariana Lobos
Published: April 2012


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Now I get it.

I'd make the story more 'real'.

Eg: why would I walk towards a bear without a torch (flashlight)? Wouldn't I hear something and hesitate to walk in that direction?

I might if the bear was asleep.

Or I might if there's something encouraging me to walk in that direction.

Or, eg: why would I walk towards a bear trap when my tent is right here.

(Could it make more sense to have the bear trap between me and the tent?)

-- I don't think those points are the solutions here -- they're just quick notes on the story -- there will probably be much better solutions. But I think the story needs to be more real and clear.

Also, is there another layout that could work better?

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The campaign they ripped off made more sense. It used callouts on black pointing to the things you can't see.

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it's fun and easy, no need to be realistic

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why not just have a plain black page?

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no pasa nada con esta campaña

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Like the idea. Don't like the art direction.

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exactly the same as Eveready, but theirs is better

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