Panasonic: Fire

Won't miss any pixel.

Advertising Agency: JWT Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Creative Officer: Pinit Chantaprateep
Creative Director: Satit Jantawiwat
Art Director: Teeravit Kimsatra
Photographer: Pornchai Wongkila
Copywriter: Taya Soonthonvipat
Retoucher: visionary
Agency Producer: Nongluck Rattanapong

March 2008


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Miss Candy Pop
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True. I won't miss any pixel, but I miss the Idea.

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ok, let me try: dont take a picture just of the crowded street but also of the reason. or so... ok don't ask me.... anyway i wouldn't even think about taking a picture of a dead body on the street (as showing the other one).... brrrrr.

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All ears
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Yeah well, it just isn't compelling enough to make me want to get the camera or whatever it is.

®'s picture
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I think they mean not to miss the guy stealin the TV (bottom left) among all the other ppl. Still i"m not finding an idea in that... sorry..

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Does making the 'guy with monitor' brighter makes him a thief??? There's also a 'thief' with the fan. A 'thief' with a bike. A 'thief' with a pail...damn, even a 'thief' with a woman!

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It's not about the guy stealing the TV… It's too small to really make out here… but the picture on the camera seems to match a guy with something tucked under his jacket, lower extreme right of the big picture. I'm guessing when you see the picture at the intended size you'd be able to make out he's concealing something that links to the fire… And the whole concept behind the ad is that the 12mpxl resolution of the Lumix picks up stuff other cameras would miss. Makes you look at the preview on the screen and match it to the big picture, so explain the story. Bit convoluted, but I suppose it would make a certain type of person want to solve the puzzle, and keep there eye out for the next in the series because they 'solved' the ad. Same with the 'muder' execution, there's a guy on the crossing with something under his jacket – I'm sure when you see this full size it'll be a gun. Got to be careful about the media – It'd only really work as a double page spread in a mag, but then again, the product shot and strapline would be running over the gutter…

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Agreed. It´s a cool ad. It´s like a different version of Where´s Waldo.

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And the winner is… Chough !!

Big ad, i like !!
I hesitated between a Canon and a Lumix, not now yet !! :D

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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Let's make it simple.

With Panasonic Lumix, you won't miss the suspect who blazed the building. (LOL)

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No, I think they're talking about how everything is being saved from the fire. Usually you would only be able to save one or two personal items, but with this nifty camera, you get everything. Bit complicated eh?

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i think it's all about the 'cause' of the crime.
the pic taken from the camera can be zoomed to see very small area of the pic, and still 'sharp' enough to identify the person who committed the crime (the one who shot the dead man; the one who set the fire) together with the evidence (which demostrate the high resolution of the pic taken by this camera).


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Nonono... creo que en realidad la imagen de la camara muestra a la persona que provocó el incendio (el tipo que lleva una garrafa en la espalda) En la gráfica anterior muestra al asesino huyendo... espero no equivocarme, pero es la única vuelta creativa que le encuentro al aviso.

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Es como dice BozzaNova. iu ar rait man. jaja

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Who needs higher resolution when the CSIs can just hit the magic 'enhance' button? :P

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mmmm see before

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i think the camera has everything in focus. maybe?

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G o o D !!!

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R. Rinaldi
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