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It's funny, but they didn't go far enough yet. Two isn't yet a campaign and the scenes are way too similar, visually and in context ( both scenes with cops pulling them over ). Now it's very decent, but it could be very good.

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I like the ides, but I agree with Kris...it's either do one or three ads for a campaign (although I'm not sure that's etched in stone, it does make sense to have more than two!).

That said...yeah, they're both similar executions. And wouldn't the neighbors be pissed off as well if the sound was really that loud?

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Maxell tapes (yes, cassette tapes) did this very successfully in the 70s with a guy sitting on a sofa getting blown away in front of his stereo. Look up 'Maxell advert' on Google. This is a simple twist on the same.

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love the hair blowing wild...cool ad

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The visual is compelling, but does the concept really right?
i mean if you're being pulled over by the police.. are you really going to be blasting your music?

like Chris Rock said.. "turn that shit off" is in the top 10 list.

sorry, but it doesn't make sense.

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I think you guys are over-thinking this. Not having the lights on in the windows isn't something that is going to stop the average consumer from interpreting that this ad, and the other one posted here, are saying that the music is loud. Leaving a detail like that out may have saved some money in the budget.

The fact that this situation "probably" wouldn't happen doesn't take away from the credibility that it "might" happen. I think the campaign's message would work where it counts, with the consumer. My only real criticism, as fotdot so expertly pointed out, is that it does look derivative of the very famous Maxwell campaign which is so iconic even people who don't have a lifelong interest in advertising remember. Coming from a competitor in the same category that's a little disappointing.

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