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quite boring. ZERO creativity.

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i wouldn't go so far as to say ZERO creativity, but i agree that they didn't crack their skulls on this one.

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...And I thought that it was next to impossible to hate a banjo... Well, the hybrid looks well built.

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Luz Valdez
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Why can't subic losers just shut up and show the world what they can do rather than sourgraping on this site?

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comments are not just for nice comments, the critic opinions work better than codencendients ones.
Since when the critical opinion is bad?.

Jonathan Betancur

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It was this or sound waves that draw things.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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this is precisely muzic and sound dezign.. not a dime worth more.. but gotta admit it.. its a clean layout

| Everartz |

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photoshop work is gud, but explain it.

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I like these ads. I don't LOVE them but I like them and here's why:

people who love music, or who are musicians in that case, would certainly recognize the pan, the hammer, and the other two objects as "generators of sounds", so to speak.

There are even experimental groups or musicians who actually USE these objects to create their music. So, I think the insight is a very good one, since their target obviously knows what they're talking about.

Also, i think the art direction is very good. No need for any other things in the ad. i like the way they put the logo too.

I don't know if these are BIG winners, but personally i do like them.

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A marriage of music and sound. Showing what it's saying and saying what it's showing.
What I also like, is that in this case, sound is music and not disturbing. Works for me.

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First thought: marriage of "cooking" + music

The connection between a pan and sound is quite a reach.

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i think the target will get it right away.
i'm not a musician but i love music and instruments, and i did.

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Just to nitpick a little bit - looks like there might be a perspective problem with the frets (it might be the whole neck of the guitar).

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Um...at the risk of saying this is very first idea...

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