Pampers: Overnight Dryness

Effective nappies means a better night's sleep for your baby. A print campaign to show that your baby will sleep dry and uninterrupted with Pampers – so their dreams won't have to end abruptly.

Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief creative officer: Yoram Levi
Creative director: Ben Sever
Art director: Yuval Zuckerman
Copywriters: Idan Regev
Account director: Idit Zuckerman
Supervisor: Nir Federbush
Account executive: Mimi Cohen
VP planning: David Kosmin
Planner: Guy Gordon

February 2010


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Isn't the girl in the ad a bit too old to wear nappies? In her case, it's about time to wake up. This ad is anything but simple to understand.

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I think they've provided a good explanation. The blank or whitish portion of the image means the dream has been "interrupted" or "washed [wet means water] away" by the baby wetting themselves. If you are a parent and you see that your baby has done that, you'd want to change their soaky diapers. Babies should have dry dreams; young boys at some age, are allowed to have wet

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leave him alone.... ; )


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Haha, kudos for the boys' wet dreams :) I understand the concept about the dream being interrupted, I'm just not sure whether it's that straightforward in the ad. However, I'm not a parent so I should probably zip it ;) But still, the execution would, according to me, be better with a somewhat younger girl or boy (young enough to use pacifiers and nappies).

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Shubhra Aggarwal
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ummm.. isnt it too harsh to comment that a kid cant dream about being older than she is in real life!? ..its a dream after all.. the premise of which is, that you tend to imagine unreal things.. forget about dreaming being old of my kid sister's favorite dream is that she is a bird :)

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Agree with whatthefudge... might have worked better without the lady on the wafers ; )


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Another great ad from Saatchi! Love it! They are really good when it comes to ads about diapers. Have you seen this one too?

I'd have created a series of images, depicting different dreams.. not just this one. Drawing is wonderful, and its quality or style is very reminiscent of illustrations found in old children's books.

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Roshan Quintus
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i like the idea but not the execution. composition of the illustration is interesting but figure drawing has a problem.

bite me

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Now this is pure brilliant, as long as we're not criticizing the quality of the drawing, which is quite irrelevant since the copy is excellent.

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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I totally agree with Roshan, I don't like the drawing

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interupted dream concept was done in radio
don't let you dreams get interupted by musquito's
was very funny
won some lion

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I don't get this ad, but art work is interesting.

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art one
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like it

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I think that the visual could be much better. I would have love to see a better representation of a child's dream. It could have been a mixture of different situations and characters, something that everyone could have dreamed when we were kids, and only understood through children's eyes.

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Sorry, this just didn't give me "interrupted" sense... this is a visual of a moment and if i don't see the other half this means the problem is not in my bottom.

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I think this is done.

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Really nice!

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well thought concept and executed equally well...!!!!!!!!!!

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I think I understand it, but it's not that great.

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