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he be luckier if anyone bet. there aren't even blinds on the table. also, i wish the hand was a straight, full house or flush; royal flushes are near impossible and cliche to card players.

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royal flushes are less rare in texas hold'em.

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All players are the king! The copy doesn't support it...

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Excelent concept! At least I think so.

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terrible. this agency is putting up such ass work. I wouldn't bother, you do yourself no favours

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Although it's a good hand. If he came out strong, he'd probably only win the blinds, which means he'll be at work the next day.

Had he played a straight over trips then he'd seem luckier. Especially if it had gone to the river.

This would be a lot better if they'd really hammered out the idea to make the most of it.

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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Twice i had royal. The odds are like 1 to 630000

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