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Just because you write "Real men act like women" does not make it so. This line is founded on no insight and isn't clever enough to be forgiven its unfounded creative leap.

Keep working on the line and maybe this campaign can be salvaged. Start with some sort of truth as your starting point. For example, if women think you're gay, will you score more when they try to convert you? Start thinking of some reason it's good to act like a woman or to look more effeminate. Did the guy who read Little Woman use it to score with a librarian? Did the guy who saw Titanic score with his date? Or is it about real men being secure enough to drink this stuff? They are so manly, no matter what they do, they look manly doing it. Clint Eastwood drinking this stuff would still be cool. You need some sort of logical starting point. As it is, this campaign is not working in the least.

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I agree with chuckie T- many great ads are often based on a true insight that has been creatively interpreted. In fact, the headline actually is a negative. It needs further work.
Also, what's the connection to the drink? Was it a drink that only women drink and you are trying to get male drinkers?

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Chuckie I agree that this ad doesn't work but don't make it too shallow with the whole scoring with chicks, its kinda offending to women that you think being feminine is degrading. But I agree that they need to change the message to something realistic, real men can have a feminine side too... or something

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That was just a quick suggestion. I'm not here to do their job for them. However, there is no disputing that sex sells. Hence the expression, "Sex sells." Also, please note that I offered them a second option, which is identical to your suggestion.

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