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Jaap Grolleman
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Isn't this showing the opposite?

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On a 25 x 31 grid, it's showing it has 775 (yes, I'm afraid I did), not 3,997 colours, so it's at least wrong on that score but yes Jack, I think it's also reversing the impression it's trying to make. If they're playing the irony card, they'll need some copy to steer the ad in the right direction.

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Did you count the pixels? Really?......Well I guess not everybody is brain capable to understand that the number in the ad is just a metaphor to say :so many colors: in spanish the thing about the number is solved with the tag next to the logo. Colores en Paleta (so many f**ng colors). These are not "math" ads for christ's sake....these are PAINT + COLOR selling ads. Anyways.

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"Guest", when "PAINT + COLOR selling ads" use maths to sell, I kind of like to check what I'm getting.

And if 775 is a "metaphor" for 3,997 then I'd like to be in your world where everyone's a motherf*cking metaphorical brain-capable millionaire.


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"And if 775 is a "metaphor" for 3,997..." that half-sentence just made my day, thank you! I am a math freak as well, all my sympathy!

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colores en P! :D
soke Guate!

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Anonymous Author
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I like this campaign. It's not perfect, but I like it.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.


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Yes, me too.. i can deal with irony.

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