Paic: Workout, Aerobics

Goodbye fat
A few drops are enough.

In French, "graisse" means both "fat" and "grease".

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Paris, France
Creative Director: Carmine Coppola
Copywriter: Daniel Lobatón
Art Director: Fabien Habasque
Designer: Laurent Baghdassarian
Published: January 2011


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jajaja funny but bad

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Adiós a la grasa.

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bad student work?

Quite really.

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So the plates are exercising and the grease is sweat and the product's the fitness trainer.

How's that supposed to make sense? I can kind of imagine the 'brainstorm' where this came out, but those moments of constipated creativity usually pass and are ignored on the way to the right idea.

This makes me think of sweaty plates. This is actually saying the plates are getting dirtier. When you exercise, the sweat doesn't usually fling itself out of you in every direction, it sticks to your clothes, drips down your body and makes you stink. Not the smartest way to sell a cleaning product.

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dude, stop over-analyzing everything. it's a simple enough idea. they're working out and thus burning off fat/losing fat.

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good idea actually but very bad art.. the whole thing is dropped due the bad art..

| Everartz |

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nice idea, but execution is very weak

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Funny :)

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It may not make perfect sense, but it's kinda cute and funny. Not really as bad as people make it out to be.

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nathalie d
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Great and funny concept, excellent copy, poor translation into an ad.

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One point for the choreographer they used to master the dance move in sync:-). Just reminded me of 'Hey Whipple, squeeze it' ad


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