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so these ripples are supposed to be the plates? or am i missing something around?

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Baffling - is this a koan? Can't think of another way to describe a directionless set of words, although, yes, '****' would also do.

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True this has been done, but this ad is better than the one with the flying spoon. It makes the same point, but makes sense.

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done. see the link above. joe la pompe has new material for the blog:)

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not again!

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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I like !

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sweet fuckin idea.... pardon my french...

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this ad is clever and has a better art direction than the ad with a spoon.

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not only has this been done before, but I beg to disagree that it has "a better art direction" than the Fairy print. what those of you who speak about "the flying spoon" don't get is that it symbolises a drop falling on the plates in slow motion. and actually, that print was about "the power of ONE drop". this one should be called "Dops" and the team should know better than copying and ad and then placing the result on well-known advertising sites despite the fact that every time people are posting the link of the original print.

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