Pacifico: Kit

If you car doesn't drive alone, call us. Replacement driver: 01 415-1515

Advertising School: Peruvian Institute of Advertisement, Lima, Peru
Copywriter: Oscar Muñante
Illustrator: Rudy Camones

May 2011


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i think it's a little too subtle. maybe it's just me.


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yep a little too subtle... only for the hardcore fans. bumblebee, knight rider and herbie... others WONT get it. and geeks comprise of what? 5 %?

STFU and Make the Logo BIGGER!

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I disagree, since there were recent movies and remakes for non-geek audience.

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I clicked on this one first and didn't get it, only when I saw the other two did it make any sense. Not a Knightrider fan...
I imagine the copy should read "If your car doesn't drive itself" rather than "alone".
Anyway, as a series I like it, although it just seems a little empty.

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nice, love it

You can do it !

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