pa picture alliance: All You Need to Tell the Story, Genesis

The campaign is based on the insight that there is an eternal dispute between Art Directors and Copywriters about who can make do without the other. Picture Alliance sides with the Art Directors to show that an ad can make do without a copywriter and thus collects brownie points with their main target audience.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Germany
Chief Creative Officer / Copywriter: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Creative Directors: Helmut Meyer, Nico Ammann
Art Director: Helmut Meyer
Photographer: Picture Alliance Stockmaterial
Retouching: Joachim Becker
Art Buyer: Valerie Opitz
Advertiser's Supervisor: Edith Stier-Thompson, Gunilla Graudins
Account Management: Yves Rosengart, Eva Hoffmann, Nadine Ries


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Picture Alliance sides with the Art Directors to show that an ad can make do without a copywriter... And "All you need to tell a story", who wrote this? God?

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Good idea. Horrible art direction.

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This is so wrong... the seventh day, when god rested, was a SATURDAY!
In the Old Testament the week starts on Sunday, if u don´t believe me, just google it or talk with any religious man.

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I cant belive that this is a winning ad...

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A picture's worth a thousand words but lots of pictures is worth no words.
By the way, thanks for making a mockery of both writers and designers.
Cheers !

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really bad execution!

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it seems like we have seen this before at this place.

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